The 10% Rule

Health is the greatest wealth.

In this episode of The BE ULTIMATE Podcast, Travis shares one of his top strategies for functioning at his best.

He takes a common investing rule and applies it to your health and well-being.

Hope you enjoy this inspiring episode!

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Episode Summary:
-The 10% Rule in Investing
-Getting Your Priorities Straight
-Getting Clear on your Non-Negotiables
-Investing in Your Health
-Putting the 10% Rule into Action
-The Ultimate Prayer

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[The following is the full transcript of this episode of “The Be Ultimate Podcast.” Please note that this is direct from Travis speaking unscripted and unedited.]

Welcome to episode 17, “The 10% Rule!” 

This shorter podcast delivers a really important message. 

In addition to bringing you podcasts that offer you philosophy, wisdom, and meditation, I’m also passionate about bringing you strategies for personal growth. 

After my yoga career started to take off, I started to make some decent cashola, which took a while because I had been living off a lot of credit card debt. But I got to a place where I was teaching a lot. And I was teaching donation classes for a while at Santa Monica Power Yoga, sometimes four of those classes in a day. And in the donation system, you leave a donation box in the studio, and at the end of the class, everybody goes, and they drop their suggested donation into the box. 

So after you teach a class, you’re leaving with a lot of cash, a lot of money. And so being that I’d been living off so much credit card debt, I remember taking this cash, going straight to the bank, and just throwing down $500. Here’s 500 bucks to pay down my $25,000 in credit card and just how good it felt every time that I did that. I was just chipping away at something that was a big burden. 

It felt good to be making money. It felt good to be building this career. And eventually, after a little bit of time, I was able to pay off all of that debt. And for the first time, I actually had a surplus of money. 

So I went to the bookstore. I’m like, “What am I going to do with this money? I want to be wise. I want to be smart with the money that I’m saving.” So I want to go do some research at a Barnes and Nobles, and I went into the section where they have all the financial books, the investing books, the books how to invest, how to become a millionaire. And if you’ve ever been in those sections, you know there’s no shortage of those kind of books. And as I was looking through book after book after book after book, I started to notice this one common principle that kept showing up over and over again, and this was called the 10% rule. 

This rule states pay yourself 10% before you pay anybody else. 

And the idea is by consistently doing this, you begin to build wealth over time. And with patience and consistency, you have the potential to become very, very rich when you’re paying yourself that 10%. 

Now, although The BE ULTIMATE Podcast isn’t necessarily a financial podcast, this is definitely something that I would encourage you to do if you’re not doing it already. In fact, this is a principle that I’m teaching to my 13-year-old daughter right now. So when she makes money, we’re actually taking 50% because she doesn’t really have a lot of expenses like us adults do. And we’re going to put that aside into an account that’s going to accumulate interest so she can see over time the power of compounding interest.

Research shows that 30% of households have less than $1,000 in savings, 30%, and that the average American household has about $4,830 saved. 

These stats show that people, they’re struggling financially. People are just getting by. They’re surviving. You wouldn’t say that they’re necessarily thriving. Right? 

Now, being in the wellness industry, I started thinking about the necessity of adapting that 10% rule to our health and to the paradigm of our wellness. And I started thinking to myself. I said, “All right. What if we spent 10% of our waking day dedicated to our own health and fitness?” If there’s 24 hours in a day, and the average person sleeps about 8, 7 hours a day, then that leaves 16 hours of waking day. And 10% of our waking day, of 16 hours, would be what? 1.6 hours or, to simplify it, we could say an hour and a half a day. 

According to research, the average person spends 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social networking and various messaging platforms. 

Over 2 hours! 

And then this stat’s even more shocking. 

According to a Nielsen’s report, adults are now spending almost 6 hours a day on video. 

So this includes television, cable TV, streaming TV. They’re spending an average of 6 hours a day, and then you factor in the 2 hours a day on social media stuff, that’s 8 hours a day.

Now, no wonder people are sick and depressed and struggling. We’ve gotten our priorities all wrong. Our priorities are completely backwards!

We’re creating a huge debt for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and holistically. 

But don’t worry so much about others. It’s good to be compassionate, obviously. It’s good to help other people out. 

The only person that you can control is yourself. 

I’m assuming if you’re listening to this BE ULTIMATE Podcast then you want to be your best. You want to be ultimate. 

The 10% rule is going to get you there. 

The 10% rule is going to help you grow in a way that you are your absolute best. It’s the best investment that you can make in yourself. 

Health is the greatest wealth. 

Every day, I want you to plan 90 minutes out of your day to exercise or meditate or to do breath work, things that are going to be an investment into your own health and into your own well-being. Each time that you do this it’s like you’re making a deposit, an investment into your health. Instead of being in a health deficit, you will build a health surplus. 

Now, I’m not saying that every day you have to go out and run 10 miles a day or whatever. The 10% rule also includes being smart when it comes to your fitness. And many of you know I’m a yin yoga teacher and a big, really, advocate for rest and recovery. So the 10% rule also includes walking or gentle yoga, yin yoga, tai chi, meditation, restorative yoga but to make sure that you are carving that time out of your day and making that investment into you.

If you haven’t listened yet, go back and listen to episode number 14 where I describe the MMP formula. This is a really important success formula that stands for move, meditate, and plan. 

In your life, you’ve got to have your priorities set. 

You’ve got to have non-negotiables. 

Your Non-Negotiables are the most important things in your life, no matter what you always do them.


No excuses.

You’re going to take an hour and a half, and there’s no excuses. You may do an hour in the morning, and then you may do 30 minutes at night. Or you may reverse that. You may do 30 minutes in the morning of meditation and then after work, you go to the gym, or you go to yoga, whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be all at once. You can spread it out but to take 90 minutes where you’re making this investment into you. 

When you’re doing this, put your phone away unless you’re listening to The BE ULTIMATE Podcast [laughter], or you’re going for a run. 

But you know what I mean. You’re not working out. You’re not trail running or hiking or whatever it is, and you’re on your phone, sending text messages, or scrolling through social media. You have to give yourself a break from all that external stimulation. Otherwise, your nervous system is going to get completely overloaded, and then you’re not going to feel good, and you’re going to get sick, and then you’re going to slip into a downward spiral.

These podcasts I share with you guys, whether it’s the MMP formula or the 10% rule, these are strategies to help take you from being in a downward spiral into an upward spiral or what I like to look at– in music what we call an upward crescendo. 

Make the 10% rule one of your non-negotiables. When you commit to nothing you become distracted by everything. So you’ve got to be committed. You’ve got to commit to doing these things. 

Don’t be one of these people spending six hours a day watching television. Maybe every now and then you catch up on Game of Thrones or whatever your favorite series is. I’ll give you that. 

But every day, six hours? No!

That is not going to lead to an ultimate life. Two hours a day on social media? Get out of here! Unacceptable.

Get your priorities straight because at the end of your life, I want you to look back on your life, and I want you to be proud of the choices you made!

By doing this, you will build more energy, more health, more strength, more vitality, more power, more joy, more inspiration, more motivation. And then, you can take all of that energy, and you can funnel it into the things that matter: your family, your relationships, the job that you always wanted to do, the way that you wanted to go give back, to be of service to other people, to give to charity. Because that all takes energy. 

How are you going to build energy if you’re in an energy deficit wasting your time on things that don’t matter? 

One hour and a half per day devoted to you to feed your fuel of vitality.

Now, let’s finish with the ultimate prayer. 

May we bring strength where there is weakness. 

May we bring courage where there is fear. 

May we bring compassion where there is suffering. 

And may we bring light where there is darkness. 

May we be ultimate.

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