Moving Through Loss – with Travis and Lauren Eckstrom

At some point or another we all face loss. Losing a loved one, a job, our health, or a vision for the future happens to all of us. Although it can be difficult to lose someone or something we hold dear, we can rest in the fact, we are never alone in moving through these difficulties.

In this episode, Travis is joined by his wife Lauren Eckstrom.

Lauren is a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, co-author of “Holistic Yoga Flow,” and creator of Journey Into Yoga – a digital yoga program enriched with thematic practices and journaling exercises. She is regularly featured with many top yoga brands and has appeared on the cover of yoga magazines including Yoga Journal. She teaches across the world at conferences, trainings, workshops and retreats.

Travis and Lauren pull back the curtain into their personal life and share a recent experience of loss. They candidly open up to the struggles, and also insights gained while dealing with loss. They discuss practices and skills that helped them navigate this difficult experience.

Their hope is to share lessons learned and therefore helping others also move through their loss with steadiness and grace.

Find Lauren Eckstrom Online:
Website: laureneckstrom.com
Instagram: @laureneckstrom
Facebook: @laureneckstrom
Twitter: @laureneckstrom
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/laureneckstromyoga

Produced by Jason Reim
Opening Music by Howie Hersh
Closing Music by Ryan Richko