Introduction to “Ultimate Mind \ Ultimate Life” Blog

ul·ti·mate: the best achievable or imaginable of its kind

Something has been brewing inside of me for a while. I’ve been feeling this inner call to write a blog of inspiration. Being a yoga and meditation instructor, I’ve always done my best to bring inspiration into my practices. As great as the physical poses are, there is so much more than that. In fact, the things that have the potential to change lives are powerful quotes, poems, and stories. Since the dawn of human kind, stories have been used as way to take people on journey. These are journeys that take us from the ordinary into the extraordinary. They have the potential to inspire wisdom, joy, and goodness.

Right now, on the planet, humanity is facing challenges on all levels. There is continuing warfare, racism, climate change and much more. No doubt, these are tough times. But I believe although we might have different ethnicities, nationalities, religious beliefs, and histories that we are much more united than we are divided. By coming back to what unites us, we come back to a deeper understanding. It is this understanding and wisdom that provides us a light. This illumination is our hope to minimize the great sufferings of the world and increase our natural birthright of joy and happiness.

To change the outer world, we must start by changing our inner world. Outer technology like computers, space craft, and modern medicine are making rapid advancements but we can’t count on them to save us. Nothing will save humanity unless we advance our inner technologies of the mind and heart. In the yogic tradition, the mind and the heart are the same. And when you transform your mind you transform your life. Then, when you transform your life that also transforms your family, your community, your country, and eventually the entire world. Inside of you, you have the potential to change the world. It all starts within your Inner Domain. Therefore, I’ve decided to call this blog “Ultimate Mind/Ultimate Life.”

My intention for writing this blog is to provide you weekly inspiration where we celebrate an uplifting quote, short commentary, and a takeaway tip for the upcoming week. If you find this material to be helpful I invite you to share it with your community. My intention is to inspire millions of people to live their Ultimate life through this blog.

It is an honor to share this path with you!

Be Ultimate!

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  • Rhonda

    I am on my 9th round of Yoga 30 for 30. I have not missed a single day since I started it the day you released it and I purchased it. I absolutely love it! Through it and your UY dvds, I am so inspired by your teachings as well as the stories you tell during the practices. I fell in love with Yoga because of you. Thank you for all you do!

    • Travis

      Thank you Rhonda…glad you are enjoying the yoga programs so much and your dedication to your yoga practice is truly inspiring!!!

  • Bravo ~ look forward to reading your inspired words, insights and engaging with the Ultimate Mind/Ultimate Life!

  • Wendi Hiller

    Ah man….such a teaser! I was ready to go ahead and read the first entry! Lol!
    So excited for this! Thanks so much for sharing the insight and wisdom you have learned! I also feel this is the most important part of my own yoga practice….it goes well beyond any poses. It’s the stories, quotes, comparisons, etc that I gain the most from! Can’t wait for your entries!

  • Julie

    Love this, and looking forward to more insight and inspiration from you!

  • Manish

    Thank you Travis
    You’ve always been such an inspiration
    I look forward to reading your blogs, using them in my practice & teachings as well as spreading the message on & off the mat.
    T H A N K Y O U

    • Travis

      Hope you’re yoga teaching is going well Manish!

  • Kristen

    Thank you Travis, I look forward to more posts. Transforming your mind and finding inner peace is overwhelming to me while I am on the beginning side of it.
    Do you have any advice for those of us who seek this transformation to stay motivated on the path.
    I am currently showing up for the 108 days of yoga. My second attempt at completing it. And have also enjoyed 30/30.
    There’s so much to know, it can be a lot when your at the base of the mountain.

    • Travis

      That’s why this blog was created…to be a short but powerful reminder to keep you motivate…hopefully you can use this weekly blog as a compass to keep you on the path of healthy, joy, and inspiration…just do a little bit every day to feed you ‘good wolf’ and over time those little baby steps will add up to something significant…be Ultimate!

  • Shrine

    Amazing to see how you’ve bloomed over the years, thank you for the inspiration

  • Vicky Stone

    So true, we all need to find the power within us to transform our lives. There is too much negativity and tragedy in this world today. I look forward to your blog. Thank you, Travis.

  • James


    So happy you are doing this! You already are an inspiration to so many people, including me!

  • Stephanie

    Love you Travis :). This is a great surprise. You have been a part of our lives for years – my husband I do your UY almost every week. Thanks to you we appreciate the benefits of Yin yoga. And thanks for being yourself. We also appreciate the subtle humor sprinkled in. Like when you think it’s funny because we re all about to fall flat on our faces but then you remind us to have fun like a child and and not take ourselves too seriously.

    • Travis

      Life is too short not to laugh and have fun!

  • I’ve been practicing UY for 3 years and love it. Now you guys came out with Yoga 30 for 30 and I love it even more. I think 30 minutes is perfect if your a very busy person or if you want to incorporate weights and other activities into your day. I love you and Loren as a team! you both definitely complement each other and give us the full yin/yang experience of your program. I loved your book and look forward to your blog. Thank you and Loren for being a divine gift to humanity.

  • Cecilia

    I love to read what your beautiful soul has to write.Your intention has succeeded Travis! Im looking forward to keep getting inspired by you! Thank you! Blessings- Cecilia Johnson-

  • Ulrica Jonsson

    Looking forward to it!

  • Rachel

    Travis, I want to say good luck on this new endeavor. I, like others who have commented, have followed you through your yoga and meditation practices, and I am a better person because of it: stronger, calmer, happier and able to be available for people in ways I wasn’t before. Thank you for opening yourself up to a new outlet and your willingness to share with us in this way. Namaste.

  • Meg Hannon

    Thank you for doing this. I love your classes and really miss the Healthy Hips yin yoga class that was on utube. Not sure where it went – it was my favorite class ever. Continue to be blessed in your journey as you inspire so many of us.

  • Lana

    This is so wonderful, I have done both the UY and the 30 for 30 and I am just in love with your style and insight; you are so inspiring. A couple years back I was looking for a change (had never done yoga), and the UY turned me on to yoga and I have never turned back. I really look forward to your blog, you have so much to inspiration to offer. Thank you. Lana

  • Anne

    Everyday, when I step on my mat, I am listening to your voice, teaching me, helping me to go deep in my awareness, deep in my practise, mastering my breath and my mind.
    I started the 108 days of UY in June, thinking “ok we’ll see where I can go”. I haven’t missed one day. More importantly, I have grown, well, started to. My path we’ll be a long one.
    You brought me peace, and strength, through this marvellous practice.
    I am happy to be able to thank you, on this blog.
    Be sure that I’ll read you every time I can.

    • Travis

      Beautiful Anne…thank you for sharing!

  • Laura

    I am excited for your inspiring words, quotes and stories. Your classes uplift me in every way. I look forward to this Ultimate Mind/Ultimate Life journey.

  • Rebecca Braun

    Can’t wait! You’re the Ultimate Yogi, so you picked the perfect name for your blog.

  • Vivienne

    Thank you Travis for always being a great source of inspiration and service to the world. Blessings


    Wonderful to see you sharing your writing Travis.

    Many of us miss your classes at Equinox –
    Anything we can do to get you back ?



    • travis eliot

      Hope you are doing well Thomas! Equinox is supposed to reach out the end of the about resuming the Friday 10:30am class…you call always offer your feedback to GM and/or the GFM

  • September

    I love this and very excited for more. I find you very inspiring and enjoy doing your yoga videos! My goal is to one day attend one of your classes in person!

  • Katrina Williams

    Wow you are a talented writer, beautifully written! You make this world a better place and you’ve inspired me to be a better person. Look forward to reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing your insights and learnings.

  • Hanan Foudah

    Wish you the best of luck Travis. Always shining and smiling (。◕‿ ◕。)

  • Ellee Ven

    you are such a superstar ! Thank you :).

  • Raihanah

    Hi Travis. completely agree with you here: “the things that have the potential to change lives are powerful quotes, poems, and stories.”

    BTW, Love your yoga classes on Poweryoga. Would love to join your meditation session. Do you have any online?