As Mother Teresa said, “The problem is we’ve forgotten that we all belong to each other,” so all the problems and all the challenges of the world is because people feel disconnected. They feel divided from each other and this is another platform, another way to just remember our shared humanity. And although we may have different perspectives and different points of views, that’s okay. Of course we are. But to remember that we’re much more united than we are divided.

So naturally when we surround ourselves with people that are uplifting, positive, that’s going to have a big impact on us. Adversely, if we’re surrounded with people that are negative and toxic, that’s just going to bring us down. So the community that we choose, the people that we choose to hang out with to spend time with, is such an important choice, such an important decision, and ultimately every choice that we make we’re planting a seed and you’re either planting seeds or your growing weeds.