In the foundation of all health and all well-being, it doesn’t even originate in your body. It actually originates inside of your mind. You can have the best looking, most fit, strong, flexible, supple body on the planet, but if your mind is in a state of chaos, none of that other stuff matters.

And for thousands of years, yoga really had nothing to do with yoga poses or yoga postures. For thousands of years, it was all about meditation. It was all about the science of the mind. And then eventually these yogis realized that as they were sitting down and meditating for long periods of time, the body just got tense and tight, so they started to create movements and positions to work out those kinks so that then they could meditate for longer periods without the body getting in the way of that.

But in our modern day culture we kind of flip the equation the other way. Ultimately it’s all important. Balanced mind, strong body, open compassionate generous heart. So we’re firing on all cylinders.