The COMPASSION Meditation

Compassion opens the heart, and allows you to experience greater kindness and connection to others.

Having compassion is the recognition that suffering, mistakes, and imperfection are a shared human experience. Research suggests greater compassion increases life satisfaction and decreases depression, stress and anxiety.

In this meditation, Travis guides you to cultivate a warm, compassionate and kind heart towards yourself and others.

Hope you enjoy!

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[The following is the full transcript of this episode of “The BE ULTIMATE Podcast.” Please note that this is direct from Travis speaking unscripted and unedited.]

Welcome to The Compassion Meditation.

Allow yourself to sit in a comfortable position, as we prepare to awaken and strengthen the benevolent quality of compassion, with repeated intention and visualization.

Feel free to close your eyes. Take some time to be with the softness and gentleness of your breath. 


Feel your body, your heartbeat, and the presence of life within you. And allow yourself to rest within this presence for some time. 


Now, bring to mind someone close to you, who you have a loving relationship with. Picture and feel your natural compassion for them. As you hold them in your heart be aware of the sorrows and suffering they carry. Allow your heart to open, feeling the natural response to extend comfort and compassion.

Silently, say the phrase: 

“May you be held in compassion.

May your heart be at peace.”

For a few minutes continue to repeat, all the while holding this person tenderly in your heart.


Good, now take this same intention and begin to direct it towards yourself, repeating the phrase:

“May I be held in compassion.

May I be at peace.”

As you repeat allow these phrases to touch your heart.


Lastly, allow yourself to remain open to any remaining people, friends, family members, loved ones or perhaps someone you’ve seen recently in the news who might be suffering.

Repeat the same phrase:

“May you be held in compassion.

May your heart be at peace.”

Trust that your intuition will project onto your mind whoever is meant to show up. Stay connected to your compassionate heart, feeling a deep connection to all life as you keep reciting the phrase for a last couple of minutes.


Beautiful…let the phrase and images go.

Coming full circle…return to feeling your heartbeat, your body and the rhythm of your breath.

As you transition into the rest of your day, relax, be gentle and radiate compassion into all areas of your life.

Thank you for your practice…Many blessings.


Opening Music & Closing Music by Ryan Richko
Meditation Music “Heavenly” by Jon Gegelman