The fact that you were born is proof enough that you are incredibly special, and at no time in the history of human kind has there ever been someone exactly like you!

Starting at 9 years old I wanted to be in the film business. I loved everything about movie magic. I remember being in pre-calculus class, in high school bored out my mind, drawing elaborate pictures of imaginary film scenes, and strategically figuring out where to place the cameras, actors and lights. Not only did I love the behind the scenes but I also ended up being in front of the camera in commercials, television and independent movies. At one point I even was a teamster on a big Hollywood film starring John Travolta and Vince Vaughn. Little did I know that this would prepare for being comfortable in front of large groups and filming yoga content.

The entertainment business brought me from North Carolina to Los Angeles and it was there I discovered yoga. After a near drowning experience and witnessing the tsunami, I was guided onto the path of teaching yoga and meditation.

I’ll never forget the first yoga class that I taught! Although there were plenty of things that were pretty awful, like the alignment cues and sequencing, I still knew deep within my soul that this was why I was here on the planet. The feeling of teaching yoga felt like every aspect of me was being called forth. I was like a 100-piece orchestra, and now EVERY instrument was being played, and the music was electrifying!!!

We are all instruments of the divine. When we discover our purpose, our instrument comes alive, and our music becomes powerful.

In ancient times, purpose was called dharma. Your dharma encompasses your passions and gifts, and helps to uplift others. By finding your dharma your mind becomes clear, your heart strong, your body energized, and your eyes bright!

One African tribe describes life’s purpose as cargo. Each member of the community believes they were brought to earth to deliver their special cargo. Get clear as to what your special cargo is, and act every day to align your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words and actions to your purpose.

No longer settle for being a rudderless boat lost as sea. Allow the great winds of dharma to fill your sails and live a life of extraordinary purpose!!!

Be Ultimate!

Practice Tip:
To discover your purpose, explore what you are most passionate about. The greater your passion, the bigger your purpose and the smaller your obstacles will be. Write your purpose statement somewhere where you can read it every day. Every day take massive action that is aligned with your dharma.

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