Fear is a double edge sword. On one end of the spectrum it’s been pivotal for our survival. When we were cavepeople, it dramatically increased our chance of survival. To be able to react quickly to dangerous threats was the difference between life and death.

Now in modern times we don’t have to worry about saber tooth tigers. But we have fear that we aren’t good enough, or fear of how we are perceived, or fear of failure. I once heard that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Just because fear is there, doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

In rare situations, our fear is needed to protect us, but in most circumstances, it can be our greatest limitation. It’s been said ‘the key to living is growing and giving.’ Where do you think the growing part comes from? It comes from challenging yourself! How do you challenge yourself? You move beyond your fears.

Why do you think as human beings we are all facing challenges on a daily basis? It’s the universe’s way of helping us to grow! Why do you think our entire world is being challenged in so many different ways? It’s the universe’s way of us helping us ALL to awaken!

Our greatest challenges become our greatest blessings, IF we stay strong and open. Otherwise you become imprisoned by fear. You become a slave to the voice of EGO that whispers in your ear, “Don’t even dare take that risk, what will people think when you fail?” Instead of being dominated by your EGO be dominated your SPIRIT!!!

In Tibet, they have a prayer that welcomes challenges. They know encoded in challenge is fear. They face the fears to grow and evolve. The more you grow, the more you can give.

The next time fear arises, move into that cave and you will discover the great treasure of supreme joy!

Be Ultimate!
-Travis Eliot

Practice Tip: Take about 10-15 minutes to journal about where in your life are you stuck due to fear. Explore why you are trapped. Was there someone in your childhood that programmed fear into your mind? Was there something that happened in your past that created a fear of failure. Create a plan to overcome this fear. Every day take action to move through the fear until you gain power over it.

Current Reading: “Healing Mushrooms” by Tero Isokauppila

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