Whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, this message is very powerful. Sadly, in the name of Jesus many have been killed and in our present day there is tremendous suffering taking place due to hate and fear. As the global population continues to escalate, and climate change continues to affect our resources of good food, water and air, we need to find a way to live together with respect and love.

Although you may not always see it in the media there are countless acts of love taking place globally every moment. Recently, I was in a training and a woman shared a story. One day, in her small town, she went to the local grocery story wearing her favorite red scarf. On this cold autumn day a homeless person stood outside the store begging for food, clothes or money. When the lady exited the store she decided to give the homeless person her beloved red scarf. A couple of days later she attended a holiday party with friends. When she opened up a present, inside was a brand new replica of the same red scarf! Her eyes watered with tears. This was a sign from a higher a power that when you give you also receive. Sometimes you even receive something ‘better’ than what you gave!

A yogi master instructed his students to do special practices at the first sign of light. The students awoke the following day and as they were about to begin their teacher’s instruction, they realized they were unsure what the first sign of light meant. They returned to their teacher and asked, “How do we know that we’ve seen the light? Is it when we overlook the valley and we can see the difference between an oak tree and an olive tree? Is that how we know that we’ve seen the light?” The master replied, “No.” The students then inquired, “How about when we look out over the hills and we can see the difference between a dog and a sheep. Is that how we know that we’ve seen the light?”

Patiently, the master answered, “No, try again.” Trying to solve the puzzle, the students finally said, “I think we have it! Is it the moment when the dawn of light shoots out beyond the horizon? Is that how we know that we’ve seen the light?!” The master then said, “I’m sorry, no, that is not how you know you’ve seen the light.” He continued, “You will know that you’ve seen the light when a stranger walks up to you and you look into their eyes and realize that the same spirit that exists inside of them is the same spirit that exists inside of you. That’s how you know that you’ve seen the light. Until then, you are living in darkness.

To hate another or push away another group because they look, think, or act different is living in darkness. But to see yourself in another and to love another is to live in light.

Be Ultimate!
-Travis Eliot

Practice Tip: As you flow through your day practice seeing yourself in others. Each person you see, even strangers, practice sending them a prayer or silently repeat the phrase “We are one, We are love.”

Current Reading:
“The Telomere Effect” by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn

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