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"Eliot’s DVD is a multi-faceted fitness, health and wellness program."
Access Hollywood

"The Ultimate Yogi has helped make me a more well rounded athlete. I've become more flexible and less injury prone. But above all, it has given me more natural energy and focus so that I can enjoy the thing I like to do best, play baseball. Travis Eliot has given me a better focus for every aspect of my life. I'm always excited to roll out the mat and do some yoga!
AJ Pollock, Pro Baseball Player for Arizona Dimandbacks

"Doing the Ultimate Yogi program has sharpened my mental focus and improved my stamina and steadiness in the operating room. I started the program primarily for physical fitness, but it has yielded so many other wonderful benefits that I am now committed to a lifetime of yoga."

"Travis Eliot is an inspiring teacher and his program is a gift to those seeking a holistic home-based yoga practice."
Dr. Levitin, Facial and Reconstructive Surgeon, New York, NY

"Travis' teaching style is intensely dynamic, meditative and transforming."
LA Yoga Magazine

"Eliot's yoga classes are similar to many of the recognizable yoga masters Bryan Kest, Shiva Rea, Vinnie Marino, and Baron Baptiste."
The Huffington Post

"Travis Eliot is an accomplished of the most powerful events of your life!"

"a pioneer and innovator"!

"Travis Eliot is truly one of the brightest rising stars in the yoga world.  he has a way of soothing and inspiring everyone around him.  teaching yoga is a process of setting an example for people to follow.  travis teaches this way.  instead of preaching or directing, travis practices being a peaceful, joyful yogi and it is infectious.  it is hard to hold on to a bad mood around him!  one can experience this by practicing along to a DVD or listening to his devotional chants.  'yoga evolution' is a great start, the first of many great dvds to come."
- Sara Ivanhoe

Travis Eliot shares his deep knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda and devotional music in every practice, whether in person or on a DVD. His heartfelt approach is accessible to students of all levels of ability. If you're having a rough day, his gentle manner, twinkle in his eye and prescise instruction never fail to uplift body, mind and soul. - Felicia Marie Tomasko, RN, E-RYT-500
Editor-in-Chief, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health Magazine President, California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine

"A beautiful + heartfelt offering to the (yoga) video world. If you are a looking for a true guide to take you beyond the physical realm deeper into the essence of an authentic healing Yoga practice, you have found it. Let this wonderful DVD support your (deeper journey or ) inner awakening. Travis brings a depth to his teaching through his sincere study and practice of Ayurveda and Bhakti Yoga, but what makes Travis a true teacher is the depth of his heart, his intention to serve and most importantly his ability to create a space to allow one to find their own inner teacher. May All beings be happy and free"
- Saul David Raye Yoga Teacher, Healer, Sacred Activist

"Sweet, poetic, sincere, gentle and strong amidst a sunset that is visually stunning. There is no yoga video that I know of and mayb no teacher I know of more balanced and capable than Travis Eliot."
-Bryan Kest, Power Yoga

"This beatifully shot video (Yoga Evolution) perfectly captures travis' authentic and rootsy meditative flow. It's a great every day practice, or an occasional drop in to experience yoga amongst the sites and sounds of it's birthplace, India."
- Frank Angiuli, Founder natural high lifestyle