Advanced 300 Hour "Holistic Yoga Flow" Training

Module One: July 10th - 19th, 2020
Advanced Sequencing: July 10th - 13th
Meditation & Pranayama Level I: July 14th - 16th
Ayurveda: July 17th - 19th

Module Two: February 26th - March 7th, 2021
Yin & Restorative: February 26th - 28th
Meditation & Pranayama Level II: March 1st - 2nd
Mantra, Yantra, & Bhakti: March 3rd - 4th
Get Clear: March 5th - 7th

Mentorship Module: The final module, is a long distance mentorship conducted via Skype/Zoom sessions, homework assignments, a seva project, practice commitment, personal website development, and writing assignments. Students are enrolled in the Mentorship only after Module One and Module Two of the Advanced Teacher Training are completed.

Sample daily schedule:
8am - 6pm with a 1 hour lunch break
8pm - 10pm homework

300Hr Total Price: $3,500 ($500 non-refundable deposit) includes long distance Mentorship
Module 1 July 10-19th, 2020: $1,500 ($250 non-refundable deposit)
Module 2 Feb 26-March 7th, 2021: $1,500 ($250 non-refundable deposit)
*Space is limited to 18 total students and will fill up quickly.

Module Descriptions

Advanced Sequencing Training
Join Travis Eliot & Lauren Eckstrom to expand your class sequencing skills. This immersion will focus on the fundamentals of creating a Holistic Yoga Flow class in which you learn how to craft dynamic classes that build toward a peak pose, revolve around specific movement principles, and expand upon yoga philosophy and subtle anatomy themes. Learn to teach with the clarity and inspiration that makes Holistic Yoga Flow a beloved practice of students around the world.

Pranayama and Meditation Level 1 Training
Join Travis Eliot & Lauren Eckstrom for a foundational training in the basics of Mindfulness Meditation and Pranayama. In this module you will learn the science and benefits of both meditation and pranayama as well as the techniques necessary to guide students safely and effectively through these practices. With the proliferation of meditation and breath work, mindfulness and pranayama education are a must for every teacher.

Pranayama and Meditation Level 2 Training
In this training you will explore deeper into the practice of Mindfulness Meditation and Pranayama. Travis and Lauren will share special dharma talks along with deeper practices in breath work and meditation. This module will also include some gentle yoga practices, the latest science research, basic neuroscience, journaling, group learning and practice teaching.

Get Clear
Join Travis Eliot & Lauren Eckstrom and Get Clear! This module is our personal version of holistic health coaching in which you will learn to apply Yoga Philosophy to discovering your passion and purpose while getting clear with your dharmic path. Get Clear goes far beyond the Yoga Sutras to help give you applicable ways to implement yoga philosophy to create a life and path you love for yourself and your students. This training can only be completed by those who have completed all of the other modules in the advanced training.

Ayurveda Training
Ayurveda is “the science of life” dating back over 5,000 years. This powerful modality views the human being as an interplay of mind, body and spirit. Its purpose is to heal and maintain quality and longevity of life. Join Travis Eliot for an in depth immersion into ayurveda. This immersion will be a mixture of ayurvedic themed yoga practices, lecture/presentation, discussion and workshopping covering the History of Ayurveda, Fundamentals, Nutrition Herbs, Diagnosis, Treaments, Marmas/Essentail Oils, Yoga Poses and their Doshic effects, Ayurveda Psychology and Vastu.

Mantra, Yantra, Mudra
Join Travis Eliot for a magical exploration into mantra, yantra, and mudra. Come prepared to chant and learn about these mystical aspects of yoga then leave empowered to add these themes into your personal practice or public classes.

Yin and Restorative Training
Yin yoga is the holding of floor poses as a way to improve flexibility, activate healthy connective tissues, and to balance the nervous system. Restorative Yoga is a passive practice meant to activate the body’s relaxation response and healing abilities by offering an environment of ease and effortlessness. In this training you’ll learn the history of yin and restorative yoga, the science of yin and restorative yoga, the energetic benefits of yin and restorative yoga, and an exploration of the most common yin and restorative poses along with their cues and applications.

Once you’ve completed all of the modules, you will enter into the Mentorship phase of your Advanced Teacher Training. During this module you’ll work with Travis and Lauren to help create class sequences, flush out your business plan, write inspiring content, design and execute a service project and further deepen your teaching path. This module will be completed online.

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